Mountaintop Sketches

We went for an early season hike last weekend and ended up on the top of Wasootch Ridge in Kananaskis. It's a great short hike that shoots up from the parking lot. Once you have a nice quad burn though you are on a ridgetop with some rolling terrain that feels much nicer on the legs. The views are pretty great too.

We got to our lunch spot in the sun (not quite the terminus, but good enough, we decided) and I ate my lunch under bluebird skies. But sure enough, as soon as I pulled out my sketchbook and paint set, it got socked in and the wind picked up. Goodbye sun. 

I had about 5 minutes to knock this off before my fingers got frigid. We could definitely see it snowing on some of the farther peaks off in the distance, so we skedaddled back down to the car. 

Kind of a shame, but I'm planning to do a lot more hiking + sketch sessions (can we call them sketch-peditions?) this summer. Fingers crossed for some nice sunny days.