New Orleans

Mark Twain once said there are only four original American cities: Boston, New Orleans, San Francisco and San Antonio. I've been lucky enough to hit half of these in the last six months!

New Orleans was pretty special. I felt like I was walking around in "Interview with the Vampire" and at at any corner might see Brad Pitt talking to a young reporter on a darkened Gothic porch. It was also a city of contrasts, from walking merrily down Frenchman Street with an impromptu big jazz band, to thinking I might get shot when our Uber took an inadvertent detour and we got lost. 

We had cocktails (a recurring theme in our trips), we went to the Jazz Fest, we ate lots of carbs, and took the trolley at every opportunity. Bourbon Street was a bit of a disappointment, but Magazine Avenue was delightful, and Frenchman street was pure magic. I kind of can't imagine this place during Mardis Gras though. I think I would have a purely agoraphobia reaction to so many people at once. 


So, any art you ask? Well, a little bit. I did a little sketching en route to the jazz fest:


Here it is with the coloring added later: 


And a bit at the concert itself. When I held up the sketchbook to take this photo, the guy behind me yelled "Nailed it!"