Subaru Studio

I wanted to do some more en plein air, so a few weeks ago I took the old Subaru for a scenic mountain drive. We wandered down Highway 40 into Kananaskis Country, so you might recognize a few of these peaks. 

I was a bit nervous about hiking solo (it is bear country, after all, and sitting quietly by yourself painting is probably a really great way to get startled by wildlife), so I didn't actually hike. I parked and popped the hatchback for a nice seated view. This car-set-up also worked well when the wind picked up. 

Here are a few:


Barrier Lake I, 12x16, watercolor and graphite on paper


Barrier Lake II, 12x12, watercolor and graphite on paper


Some experiments on more Yupo paper, which actually wasn't the greatest outside. It's a very smooth surface so will pick up any oils from your hands, and the water runs all over the place unless the surface is perfectly flat and still. Not so easy to do from a beach, or even in the hatchback. 


The line drawing isn't my typical style, but it was the end of the day and I was over it. I might try and rework this one in the studio a little bit longer with some more color.