Wasootch Ridge, Part II

I made it back to Wasootch, this time with a slightly bigger paint kit and some time to lounge at the top. (I also brought lounge equipment, i.e. one of those thermarest butt pads, which is exactly what it sounds like. Made sitting on a rock for an hour MUCH more comfortable.)

I even brought a friend! Lovely Julia took these pics of me with her fantastic camera (far superior to my little iPhone snaps). She knew that I wanted some time at the top so she came prepared with a book and we just enjoyed an hour at the summit in the sunshine. 

(You can just see the corner of the butt pad)


I finished things up in the studio (with access to a bit more drying time). Here it is completed:

 Wasootch Ridge, watercolor on paper (12x16 inches)

Wasootch Ridge, watercolor on paper (12x16 inches)

It was also right around this time that a writer for Travelettes.net reached out to me. Rose was writing an article about travel sketching and travel journals, and wanted to feature me along with some other artists she had discovered on Instagram. Really perfect timing actually that Julia had taken those pix! You can read the article here!