Backcountry Painting

I went backcountry camping a few weekends ago with a good friend of mine. We've done quite a few hiking trips together over the years since college, but grown-up life sometimes gets in the way. So we booked a campsite way back in the day (I wanna say March?) to make sure we would go. 

[the companion photo is redacted because the image of us from 2008 was too frightening to behold. Babies. We were babies.]

Well, the weather wasn't looking too great when the Park Service called and informed us our campsite had been closed temporarily due to bear activity. A pretty clever little grizzly female was getting close to the hanging food pole and had presumably already worked out how the food got there (read: colorfully dressed backpackers). 


We made some last minute shuffles and ended up hiking to Tombstone Lake in Peter Lougheed Park. Neither of us had ever been, but it ended up being delightful! Dare I say, even more so than Banff would have been - because Tombstone is not in a national park, you can have a campfire. They even supply the firewood and a hatchet. So - we brought s'mores. And had whisky. 


And of course, there was some art-making. Backcountry camping is a challenge for me because gear. I'm already usually carrying too much food and water and clothing, so I don't need to be putting more in the backpack. I usually need to be taking something out. 

I was forced to scale down my usual kit, so I went with a small travel watercolor set, a single sketchbook, and a pen. 

Totally worth it though! We hiked to the lakes, where I did these guys.

This was the view from our campsite - unreal.

I was not, however, fast enough for this sunset. Iphone pix had to do.

I may do some paintings from these later on - in my NEW sketchbook, since I finished the last few pages on this trip! It's got sketches from Yellowstone to Utah and now back to my own backyard. Sigh of happiness.