Jasper and the Parkway

Oh August, where have you gone?? It has been a super quick, action-packed summer. 

We went for a long weekend in Jasper, which was delightful for a number of reasons. Firstly, the views are incredible. I could spend three days just driving around and pulling over with a sketchbook. (Actually, I have done just that, and it was awesome. Although it gets chilly). 


But there's more than just great scenery. There's some epic hikes and some world-class restaurants. And because it's such a northern, outdoorsy little town, you can show up for dinner in your hikers and Icebreaker and no-one looks twice. 

Here's a peek into the sketchbook:

I've been using a new watercolor sketchbook, which is kind of a linen-bound version of a moleskin. It was a little on the pricier side, but the paper is super robust. Still working on paring down my supply kit when I hike up a mountain. For this trip I brought:

- 1 sketchbook (bringing only 1 was kind of a moral victory)

- 4 Molotow acrylic markers - I like these for the opacity but I didn't use very much, and the white one exploded on me :(

- Some micron pens (0.1 and 0.5) - however I just bought a fountain pen which I think will replace these in future. I just find felt-tip pens to be scratchy

- A small set of half pans. I managed to work up some pretty intense colors by rewetting the pans several times with a small spray bottle. High up in the alpine, the pans will dry back out, but if you keep them quite moist you can still dredge up some intense colors. 

I don't think I got any pix of the actual sketch kit, but here's a few action shots of me: