Long Weekend in Kelowna

We celebrated Canada’s birthday in true summer style - driving on highway 1, eating a bunch of BC cherries, and dodging thunderstorms. The weather wasn’t as face-meltingly hot as anticipated, so we adapted our priorities to wineries > beach. 

This trip, I hit a nice balance of painting in-the-moment and after-the-fact. I love painting on location, it’s a cool way to really melt into a place. I slow down, observe all the details, and really savor the view. 

That being said, I also have a lot of fun illustrating things that either 1) happened really quickly or 2) didn’t/ couldn’t be captured on camera. Like us running over this kids soccer ball! He kicked it into the parking lot just as we were backing up and I thought we’d blown a tire. Or some critical piece of the engine. 


Fortunately (for us, not for the kid’s soccer game) it was neither of those things, and we continued our trip. But I’ll never forget that moment now, because it’s in the sketchbook! It’s canon

Planning a trip to Kelowna? Don’t think you can find a bad meal there. But, I highly recommend:

  • Block One Restaurant/ 50th Parallel Estate Winery 

  • Jack’s Pizza 

  • Red Bird Brewery 

  • Annegrets Chocolates (amazing gelato in, of all places, the mall)

Sunita LeGallou