Books Read in June/ July


A blog post about “Books Started and/or Purchased in June/ July” would be a lot longer, tbh. Also, I intended to do this monthly, but it turns out I really didn’t read a lot of books in July! So, here’s my very brief report on “summer reads”, if you need something for August.

Long Way to an Angry Planet, Becky Chambers. A happy romp through space. I expected more conflict, but honestly it’s quite hopeful and very LGBTQ+ affirming. Read if:

  • You thought Expanse was too dark 

  • You want some sci fi that isn’t quite so straight + white

  • You enjoy your coworkers but don’t want to live on a long haul spaceship with them (I imagine this is most of us)

Off the Clock, Laura Vanderkam. One of my favorite productivity authors, LVM focuses this book on how to get that delicious vacation “I don’t know what time it is and I don’t care” feeling. Read if: 

  • You’re trying to max out your summer vibe 

Sister Mine, Nalo Hopkins. I ADORED this book, it was the kind of read I have to pace myself not to devour in one sitting. Magical realism + incredibly real family dynamic + tragic stakes = all the feels. (It also inspired some teary ‘can I ever write like that probably not’ internal angst.) Read if:

  • You’ve ever wondered if sea monsters live in lake Ontario (answer: maybe)

Planetfall, Emma Newman. Again, so good! I did not pace myself and definitely read this over the course of 36 hours. It is somewhat dark, and somewhat spooky. An interesting sci fi read which raises a lot of questions about religion and free will. The ending is ambiguous, but it’s 1st in a series so interested to see where this goes. Bit of a trigger warning on mental illness. Read if:

  • You thought Expanse was not dark enough

  • You are somewhat interested in cults

  • You are OK with being dropped into a mystery from page 1

Sunita LeGallou