June Playlist

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Who loves mixtapes? This girl. I remember calling into radio stations to request songs, then hitting “record” on the cassette player. I always got accidental snippets of the DJ. 

(This makes me the oldest millennial *ever*, like reminiscing about the internet dial up tone.)

Anyways, I made a mixtape for June. It’s on Spotify here if you need some new tunes in your life. Let me know if you have recommendations for July!

Big Boss Mama, Tami Neilson: I’m kicking this playlist off with a bold rollicking pump-up song. Cue this one up before strutting into a job interview or first date. Or just, you know, being a badass. 

Because the Night, Patti Smith: I love her books. Check out Just Kids, or A-Train if you want to feel a bit stoned. 

To Hell & Back, Maren Morris: I adore the entire album, but I chose this track for it’s highly feminist love-story message - “You didn’t save me, didn’t think I needed saving, you didn’t change me, didn't think I needed changing.”

The Chain, Fleetwood Mac: As I write this, I’m realizing half this playlist was released 6 months ago, and the other half is from the 70’s. Oh well. 

The Knife, Maggie Rogers: Honestly no clue what the lyrics are about (the title is a bit dark), but it’s a smart sexy synthy tune to make you shrug your shoulders and pretend like you weren’t dancing in your chair. 

Crying Shame, Jennifer Castle: Break up music, but the nice kind.

Secret Love, Stevie Nicks: Ooh, am I allowed 2 songs with Stevie Nicks? There are loads of rules for mix tapes. (I’ll give myself a pass since one is off a solo album.)

Your Type, Carly Rae Jepsen: A fun, bittersweet follow up to Call Me Maybe, to play if you’ve been “friend-zoned”.

Rocky Mountain High, John Denver: Who doesn’t love this song? No explanation needed.

Sunita LeGallou