July Playlist


Where did summer go? Alas, the typical heart-cry of the August long weekend. If you need some summer tunes for your upcoming road trip, I made another playlist on Spotify. This is all the music I listened to on repeat in July. 

Pretty Pimpin, Kurt Vile: A totally fun, upbeat track about what sounds suspiciously like a mid-life crisis. 

Back on Top, Gloria Gaynor: Gospel music isn’t usually my thing, but this is a phenomenal album. I had trouble picking one track, so this is my pick for pump up music. 

Your Love, The Outfield: Don’t ask. An EDM-remix was playing at the gym, and it drove me into an all-out 80’s dive. 

Art of Doubt, Metric: Oh, just listen to the whole album. 

Maps, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s: Actually, my favorite version of this song is an acoustic take (I couldn’t find it on Spotify)

Keep a Light On, Jenn Grant: I’ve been singing along to the lyrics all month and still can’t decide if this is a happy love song or not. 

On the Roof, Mo Kenney: Mo Kenney is pretty new to me, but she’s Canadian and her album cover features a bad-ass salmon colored pant suit, so… I’m a fan.

Is She Really Going Out With Him? Joe Jackson: I thought this was an Elvis Costello song, right up until I tried to find it on Spotify and ended up combing through Ask Metafilter. (I heartily agree with the OP’s final comment at the bottom.)

If I can’t Have You, Shawn Mendes: Are you sick of this radio-candy-crush-addiction yet? Because I am not. 

Never Really Over, Katy Perry: An excellent running/ head-bobbing track. 

Sunflower, Post Malone, Swae Lee: This is from the animated Spiderman: Into the Multiverse Soundtrack, and the whole thing is MY FAVORITE EVER. The movie! The graphics! The plotline! Spider-Gwen’s haircut! I love it all, and I love this song most of all. 

I did end up painting to quite a few of these songs, so I’ll post them once I’ve got some decent lighting for photographs.

Sunita LeGallou