August Playlist

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I’m actually pretty late on this one, seeing as the September long weekend came and went, but here ya go! A playlist of fabulous music, some old stuff, some new stuff. 

What will you not find here? The National. If you know me and you’ve heard me gush recently about the best concert of my entire life, then you’re probably shocked my August playlist wouldn’t include these guys. But I didn’t listen to the National in August. I’m listening to them now in September, pretty much all September (so far, still going strong, High Violet on repeat), so maybe next month you’ll get a playlist consisting entirely of one band. 

Playlist on Spotify

Big Ole Geeks, Raven the Science Maven: Thanks to @ScienceSam for turning me onto this awesome hip-hop love ballad to science and black women in STEM!

On the One, Daniel Farrant: Keep your butt-in-chair dance party going with this funky track. 

YWLGOML, Outer Spaces: This mouthful of an acronym translates to “You won’t let go of my line,” which I can only assume refers to some kind of Theatre Club angst.

Ultralife, Oh Wonder: Love this song, love your life, love driving with the windows up and stereo blasting.

Wars, Of Monsters and Men: When I went to Iceland with one of my best friends, we drove around in a rental car with exactly 6 CD’s, one of which was Of Monsters and Men. It was a full year before either of us would touch OMaM again. Thank goodness it’s 2019, we’ve de-Icelanded, and now we can listen to this new album. 

Hypothermia, Tanya Tagaq: I got to see a very intimate throat-singing performance this summer, thanks to Esker Foundation, which I did a little sketch of.

Train in the Distance, Paul Simon: Came across this song in a podcast, and it’s a seriously delightful little acoustic track. 

Silver Stallion, Cat Power: A beautiful soft song, perfect for a grey melancholy morning. Hello, fall. 

Sunita LeGallou