September Playlist (in October)


Man these playlists are getting shorter and shorter! (Just like my attention span). I blame it, and everything else, on the podcast that ate my brain. I’ve been listening to my composer guests on repeat, but there’s still lots of great non-flute music on deck, including:

Highwomen, the Highwomen: A feminist retelling of Willie Nelson’s famous tune that gives me shivers. It’s done by a super-group of country music mavens, including Maren Morris and Brandi Carlisle. The entire album is lots of fun with fantastic song-writing. (I particularly enjoyed the lesbian love ballad If She Ever Leaves Me, and My Name Can’t Be Mama Today, a surprisingly funny and complex ode to motherhood.) If you think you don’t like country music, give this a listen. 

Monster, the Revivalists: A rocked-up version of Amos Lee, or alternately an acoustic-leaning Kings of Leon. 

Cringe, Matt Maeson: Broody and angsty, but with a fun ripping chorus line. 

Lover, Taylor Swift: Once upon a time, there was a country singer… 

2Million, G Flip: Not too sure what the 2 Million refers to, but it’s a sweet love song in the midst of what is definitely a break-up album. (Maybe something to do with the LGBQT+ population? GFlip identifies as queer.

Come Meh Way, Sudan Archives: A tap-your-fingers kind of track featuring some fun tricks with the violin and a looper. 

The Fall, Rhye: Big in 2012, apparently far back enough for me to stop dead in my tracks in a Starbucks and pull out Shazam. 

Sunita LeGallou