So, What is Music for PhDs?

My name is Sunita LeGallou, and I’m a visual artist. I paint to music, often live on-stage, and often to contemporary classical. I wanted to know more about the sounds that inspired me, and thus this podcast was born.

For each episode, I interview a composer and create a painting based on one of their works. I also talk to Dr. Kate Einarson about the science of music - how it affects our brains and our bodies. It’s a mash-up of music, inspiration and science.

Every piece of music has a story, but so does every listener! I’m fascinated by how music has such a direct pipeline to our emotions, and how fully absorbed I can become when painting live to music. This art-project-disguised-as-a-podcast is my personal attempt to get closer to the music that inspires me, and I’d love for you to join me.

Sunita LeGallou