Sunita LeGallou
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I am a self-taught abstract artist, using intuitive mark-making to chart my emotional response to music. I’ve performed live onstage alongside musicians and orchestras, most often to contemporary classical. I also keep sketchbooks and illustrated journals during my travels, most recently 6 months of #vanlife in New Zealand.

My first trunk novel was about an artist’s frustrated muse, stuck inside someone’s head and plotting escape. I’m always working on something, usually speculative fiction.

I’ve been a biologist and a project manager, working in environmental and engineering consulting for the last 10+ years. Currently, I’m excited about science communication - explaining how the science works, and why it matters.

As the producer and host of the podcast Music for PhDs, I’m bringing together my love for art, science and storytelling. It’s a mashup of art, music, and how we experience these things in our brain.